What To Do During Exams?

Have you ever felt stressed to the max during exam period? Have you tried running on coffee and feeling the crash effects? How about exercising until you cannot feel your legs? Or better yet, just stay holed up in the same library for the same hours day in and day out with nothing to look forwards to? I certainly have. It definitely was no fun at all. There are so many different ways people cope with the stress of exams, but most the time it just leads to more stress and chaos.

Ever felt like this? I have, more times than I would like

Tea is an effective remedy to all the stress that university exam season exudes. Black tea, especially, is a powerful agent for your battle against stress. It not only gives you energy and a clearer mind, it also helps the destressing process and keeps your heart and breath healthy! (You know, in case you want to kiss anyone during studying time)

Tea is a calming way to deal with stress. It does not have the harmful effects of high sugar study brain food or the crazy chemicals in coffee that keep you awake for hours on end. The holistic properties of a natural product will keep your body happier in the long run and you will start to find that the world doesn’t seem so gloomy and depressing. The sky sometimes become bluer and you will find yourself looking forwards to tackling any challenges thrown your way. During a time of helter-skelter, tea as a soothing agent can make the grass greener or your side (or to use a Canadian example, the snow is whiter on your walk)

One of my favourites, “Three Wishes Tea” from DavidsTea. This black tea will give you all the energy you need to take on the monstrosity that is called “EXAM”. (discontinued)

There are many places to purchase tea, from the grocery store, to Chinese herbal stores, and various specialty loose leaf tea shops and boutiques. My favourtie place is DavidsTea. It is wholly Canadian, started by a man who had a passion for tea and wanted to integrate it into North American culture. I suggest stopping by the nearest one to you. At every single DavidsTea I’ve step into, the staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly-they always know exactly what you need! It is so easy to get lost in the rows and rows of tea  and just absorb the various aromas. I also suggest going onto their website beforehand to take a look at what they have so you can go into the store and inquire about the various selections (www.davidstea.com). If you have yet to step into a tea shop, once you enter DavidsTea, it is almost guaranteed you will be a returning customer.

Finally, to help with the destressing and keeping a clear mind process, I suggest doing some yoga before you drink your cuppa. Yoga may sound girly, or intimidating, or all around “what the heck is that?”, but in reality, it is one of the best ways to stay in tune with your body’s need and status. There are so many different components to yoga. You can do anything from simple Kundalini-breathing and meditating, to the playful Anusara, or the more vigorous Ashtanga Yoga. The combination of tea and yoga will reinvigorate your energy to tackle and defeat the next nasty exam.

The world may look grey and gloomy, but all you really need is a cuppa to bring your world back into order.


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