Prepping For Printemps

Canadians must get so frustrated this time every year. Mother Nature spends weeks teasing us, showing us glimpses of spring while piling on the snow and storms at random intervals all across the country. The alternating warm and cold weather can get really frustrating, but we still look forwards to when spring will arrive.

Regardless of this game that Mother Nature plays with us, we do everything to prepare for the inevitable first day of spring. Some of us will freshen up with wardrobe with spring brights, some will completely clear out the winter heavies, others will start spring cleaning, and others yet, well, we start by going to Davids Tea ( to find a new spring flavour to replace the dying winter ones.

Davids Tea at The Annex on Bloor

Truly I say, Davids Tea is the place to go. Whether you are an enthusiastic tea goer or just a tea newbie, the experience at Davids Tea will blow your mind away. The staff is amazing at pointing you to the right can of tea and they are a fountain of information about the kingdom of tea. Anything you ask, they will have an answer. Yesterday, I made my first spring trip to the recently opened Davids Tea in The Annex. It is a gorgeous store fitted with the typical rainbow tea wall and gadgets ‘n gear wall, but in addition, there is an abundance of space to sit and relax. The windows allow for sunshine to light up the store. The two girls working there were extremely helpful and efficient. They were just as enthusiastic about tea as I was! A very exciting trip overall and I brought me some five kinds of new tea to celebrate the coming of spring.

Davids Tea’s Wall of Wonders

For spring, Davids Tea has introduced Five Flavours to match the light playful spring-air: Cocomama lime-a sensual combination of organic black tea, lime and coconut, Dreamsicle- a delicious blend of sweet which leaves you dreaming of summer, Goji Pop- This caffeine free goji berry fusion will be your secret to longevity, Fantasy Island- Let the mixture of black tea, coconut swirl, and the heady scent of raspberry bring you closer to love, and there’s also the Pink Flamingo- A caffeine free infusion of everything exotic.

Out of the five new spring teas, I went with Pink Flamingo. This tea is literally a mixture of everything. It is mixed with a cocktail of oranges, tangerines, and lemongrass, hibiscus and beetroot for the hot pink colour, as well as a mixture of blackberry leaves, apples, carrots and eucalyptus leaves. The first thing you will think of when you smell the tea leaves is, “Life is fresh”. The scent of grapefruit will leave you wanting to go out and take in the sun. Even though it is a caffeine free tea, the citrus blend will leave you invigorated and fresh, ready to take on the day.

Caffeine Free Pink Flamingo Tea

My next pick was the Zing Me Tea. Another wonderful tea for the spring. The black tea is mixed with ginger bits and pieces of peach and apricot. The ginger is a zesty stimulant that will waken up your senses. The peach can brighten your outlook for a gorgeous spring day, and the apricot is there just because it’s delicious. This refreshing tea will give you an instant feeling of well-being.

Zing Me Black Tea

There’s no words to describe Through the Grapevine. It is a delicious blend of Bai Mu Dna, Cui Min, blossoms, cornflowers, rose petals, rosehip and black currant. Try this heavenly, lightly sweetened tea and pass on the message!

Through the Grapevine White Tea

The Long Life Oolong is filled with peach and apricot pieces (do you see a theme?), almond slices, orange peel, safflower petals and of course oolong tea leaves. It is said that the gods in ancient legends achieved immortality by consuming magical peaches. This sweet blend of immortality could not be sweeter.

Long Life Oolong Tea

We have finally reached the last spring tea I bought. The best indulgence tea ever, the Organic Strawberry White Tea is a simple blend of strawberries and Silver Needle white tea. This light delicate tea will leave a smile on your face as you look to end your long and stressful day. Instead of binging on ice cream, indulge in a yummy cup of strawberry.

Organic Strawberry White Tea

After spending quality time at Davids Tea, you will be ready and prepared to start spring off on the right foot. Try the various mediums of tea. Berry blends are the perfect thing for those who are looking for lighter and sweeter teas, whereas any tea with nut has a more wholesome flavour blended in. Or just keep it simple with teas with just tea leaves. Go to the nearest Davids Tea and check out flavours that will help you prep for le printemps.

My army of spring teas


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