Raspberry Rapture

After two months of hiatus, Tea Time in Toronto is finally back up! After grueling hours of exam preparation, exams, and countless hours of event coordination, summer is finally starting! For the next four months, I will explore as many tea places and tea ideas as I can and share with you all the wonders of tea. Let’s kick-start summer with a huge Hooray! to DavidsTea who finally unveiled the long awaited raspberry-chocolate fusion tea-Chocolate Rocket.

Raspberries in a Cup

DavidsTea has finally come out with my raspberry chocolate tea. I call it mine for the fact that I have been in love with the sexy combination of raspberry and chocolate for quite some time now. I have been pestering asking on Twitter (@DavidsTea) if they will be coming out with the tea anytime soon, and after some months, Chocolate Rocket has come out of the mysterious Davids Tea Lab and has become an instant hit with all tea lovers.

This decadent tea has an incredible aroma that is probably as strong as any aphrodisiac drug you will ever come across. Just the smell of the tea before it is steeped will lead you to forgo any inhibitions. I left the tea in my bag overnight, and the next day when I went to go grab my keys out of my bag, my nose was assaulted with the sweet bitterness of raspberries and chocolate. I don’t particularly love it when people smell like what they drink, but I think I can make an exception for Chocolate Rocket.

A Bar of Sweet Goodness

The basic ingredients of Chocolate Rocket are raspberries and chocolate. The combination of the fruit and decadence is powerful. Raspberry is known for its high nutritional value in Vitamin C and antioxidants(to keep the skin looking young), and chocolate in small doses lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. One cup of this drink will not satisfy your need for a healthy diet, but it will sure inspire and motivate you to lead a more holistic and healthy lifestyle. On top of these two ingredients, there are giant slivers of almonds to munch on, and a hint of chicory which just adds to the aroma. Chocolate Rocket has Brazilian maté as its base tea and it is that which will give you the energy you need to power on through the day.

Chocolate Rocket

This is a must a have in the tea cupboards of those who love the taste of sweet seduction. Also, if you’re trying to get someone as hooked onto tea as you, this would be great flavour to introduce to them. Chocolate Rocket is literally blasting off the shelves of DavidsTea across the country, so when planning to make a purchase, call your store just to make sure that they have it in stock for you. This maté tea will definitely be one you will be lusting for this summer, tastes great hot steeped or chilled.

I’ve put up a poll for you to vote for your favourite tea here. If your favourite tea is not up, let me know what I should try next!


3 thoughts on “Raspberry Rapture

  1. Oddly enough, the chocolate and raspberry flavours were the least recognizable to me when I tried this… but still good! I only just started to try some of David’s Teas – but I recommend Forever Nuts (if you like sweet teas) as my favorite so far. (I’ve also tried Chocolate Rocket (of course) Love Tea #7, Glitter & Gold, and Cocomama Lime – so I’m betting our tastes are similar!) http://happysushibelly.wordpress.com/

    • Love Tea #7 is one of my winter favourites and Glitter and Gold is just fun to drink! I love how much DavidsTea is expanding and how popular their tea is in Canada!

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