Snakes and Lattes

Drinking tea isn’t always about the tea leaves steeping in your tea cup. More often than not, it is about the time you spend with your friends and the atmosphere created to enjoy.

A delicious Proscuitto and Brie Baguette Sandwich

Yesterday, a bunch of friends and I went to Snakes and Lattes on Bloor Street in The Annex. This incredible place is a must go for all perusing the downtown area. This little cafe store is packed every single day at all hours. The food is great and the drinks are amazing, but most of all, the amount of card games and board games you can choose from makes this place exceptional.

Wall of Games

Snakes and Lattes is the ultimate friends hang out place. They have every classic board game like Clue, Monopoly, and Life to more contemporary games like Trivia Pursuit Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and a variety of Simpson spin-offs and a variety of card games like Uno. The place has sofas, comfy seat chairs and various wooden tables to play game on. For a cheap entrance fee of $5, you cannot get tired or ever want to leave the place. There are endless amounts of gaming possibilities and the calming ambiance makes you feel right at home.

Peach and Apricot Tea

The food and drink selection they have are amazing. There are various styles of French baguette sandwiches along with assorted quiches and pastries and other game goodies like chips and candies. They serve a variety of hot drinks as well as cold shakes: amazing hot chocolate, lattes, coffees, shakes and of course tea.

Chocolate+Hot Milk=The Best Chocolate Drink Ever

Snakes and Lattes offer several flavours of tea. They have the typical black, green, white, and herbal teas, but they come in amazing fruit flavours. I tried a apricot and peach black tea and it was amazing. It smelled amazing, and the black tea wasn’t bitter at all. They also have other fruit flavours to choose from. Another drink that is a must have is the chilled iced tea. They make real ice tea from a tea bag and there are also an assortment of flavours that they offer. I ended the day with a delicious hot chocolate. The owners are French and thus, the hot chocolate was also done French Style. You are give a steaming cup of milk and a chocolate lollipop. You then melt the chocolate in the milk and it is a fine taste of heaven.

You can never get enough of Snakes and Lattes. If you are planning to go, go during the early afternoon when the store is slightly full. If you are planning to go for a night out with friends, make sure to reserve your spot on the line-up. You may have to wait quite a while, but the wait is worth it. Cheers!

My Puppy on St. Albert Trail

Settlers of Catan Inukshuk Monuments

Ending the Day With a Cup of Sweet Goodness


4 thoughts on “Snakes and Lattes

  1. My boyfriend and I went last week and we looooved it! I’m really looking forward to going back and trying some of the stuff you posted here. I’ve been browsing through your blog and I’m enjoying it! Yay for fellow tea lovers in Toronto! I hope it’s okay to add you to my blogroll?


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