Light Love

In the Great White North, sunshine is a rare occurrence. Today, when I walked out the door, for the first time in a while, the sun shone bright and a smile graced my face. The weather was warm and people were walking around with t-shirts and shorts. It seemed almost too warm for a cup of tea, but not even the long awaited summer weather could keep me from my daily cuppa. The trick to drinking a hot steeped tea is to find one light enough to freshen you up.

Once again, Davids Tea is where I went to get my summer pick!  They carry a rich dessert tea, Crème Brulèe Rooibos Tea, which is just as delicious as it sounds! It is my go to flavour for a little light tea love for the summer. This sweet, warm dessert tea is one that can be steeped not only in the winter, but also in the summer. Throughout the winter, the sweetness gives you all the warmth you need to start the day early in frigid Canada. The smell will make your segwue from bed to school or work an enjoyable one. Not even the harsh winter can take you out of your bliss. Everyday before early accounting class, I will make sure to prepare a hot cup of Crème Brulèe for my tumbler so I could be enveloped in the warmth of my tea instead of cold biting numbers of class.

As much as I love having this tea in the winter, I love it even more during summer. The rooibos based tea is light enough for me to enjoy on a warm and sunny day like today. Although this sweet, rich, creamy, caramel tea may sound a little…too sweet, it is surprising how light and refreshing it actually tastes. For all you health watchers out there, don’t worry! This is one magical Crème Brulèe dessert that you can do no harm with. Even though it is a dessert tea, experts say that there are plentiful health benefits from drinking this unique rooibos mix. The green rooibos has special antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids that  will fight against aging and improve your health! How much better can this tea get? The sweet scent of caramel will make you fall in love with the tea, and the health benefits will keep you wanting more. Best of all, it is a caffeine-free tea, so you can totally have it right before you go to sleep! This tea will warm you right up, and the velvety texture of the tea will lead you into a deep relaxing slumber.

For those still skeptical about having tea in the summer, there is an alternate solution for you. Any rooibos will make an amazing iced tea. Just steep the tea and pour over ice, and voilà, a refreshing summer delight! Another must have for the summer months, wherever you are! All my friends love this; and after having it for the first time, not only fell in love with tea, but also with Davids Tea, where there has been up to 125 flavours!

Crème Brulèe, this is tastes of love

There are so many different flavours of tea out there, and Davids Tea has created every single flavour imaginable and more! I’d like to know which is you guys’ favourite tea! If your tea is not on the poll, let me know what is your favourite flavour and what I should try out next!


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