Made in Canada: A Love Story

If you haven’t already noticed, I am a major tea-addict and advocate. It may or may not be lethal to my health, ingesting so many cups of tea a day. I simply cannot live without tea, and I constantly have a craving to try out new flavours of tea from all over the world. Not only does tea help start my day off well, but it helps detoxify my body from any toxins that may be polluting my body and mind.

Point is, having a cuppa each morning invigorates and motivates me to start my day well. There is something about the smell of Camellia sinensis that gives the calming effect so that I can think clearly and process various business models and concepts 8 o’clock early in the morning. Paired with a morning sun salutation yoga ritual, I just feel amazing; I am awake for conversations and alert and in tune with my surroundings.

The combination of yoga and tea is a powerful formula that has worked miracles in my day-to-day life. Knowing I will be going into a crazy hectic industry in the very near future, developing this holistic lifestyle now will hopefully bring many health and life returns in the future. Usually I pair a strong morning tea like Oolong or Black Tea in the winter, and a lighter Rooibos or Green Tea for warmer days with an activity that will make you sweat. This combination always help keep the long-faced morning away.

Living in Canada may seem dry at most times, but two of the most incredible business success stories are born in the east and west of Canada. This is an example of how east meets west works out amazingly.

Lululemon Inc., born in Vancouver, BC, a company that created the female athletic lifestyle sector; and Davids Tea from Montreal, QC, that revolutionized the tea industry in North America, are seriously a match made in Heaven. For a canuck girl who loves both tea and yoga, having two huge Canadian corporations head their respective industries in the Great White North makes me swell with a certain humble Canadian pride. Both companies, although operating in different industries, are extremely similar and Canadian to the core. Both preach fun and openness, friendliness-the Canadian Way. Every single time I step into each and every one of the stores, I am greeted with smiling faces and people who genuinely want to help me find the best product to suit my tastes and needs.

Each company have soared with financial success in the past couple of years. Each boasting greater than expected earning, but even more importantly, greater than expected popularity. Lululemon has become an international sensation, and is looking to expand in Europe, whereas Davids Tea is looking to expand more than 50 stores across Canada this year alone, only in its 3rd year. Lululemon has allowed women (age 16-65) to show off their incredible bodies that they have worked hard to achieve through various forms of active lifestyles, while Davids Tea has allowed tea lovers to experience all flavours of tea imaginable to the senses.

Both these companies are a match made in heaven and is a dream come true for all holistic health enthusiasts. On top of the fact that they are both Canadian, there is much to boast about. Go visit their websites: and for  more information about the companies.

Disclaimer: This blog is written entirely of my opinion and I am in no way affiliated with either Lululemon Inc. or Davids Tea Inc., nor am I being paid to do this.


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