Loving Mothers & Loving Mothers

As I sit here in solitude, 3455Km from Edmonton, in Toronto, I cannot help but think about my mom. It has been almost one year since I have seen her and now that school is out, I have too much time on hand to think about life. Whenever I walk inside Holt Renfrew, I cannot help but think how much I miss our weekend tradition back home in Edmonton. Every other weekend, we would have a mother-daughter’s day out. We would go to downtown Edmonton Centre and go to Holts and check out what is new and just enjoy ourselves with window shopping. Usually, it ends up with a trip to Winners and Urban then lunch at a noodle house or a cafe. Every time I step inside The Bay, I cannot help but think of going to Londonderry Mall with my mom and checking out the amazing deals and getting a new swimsuit or shirts and dresses. Even though I live far away from my mom for most of the year, I still depend on her a lot.

Mothers are even more gorgeous than this amazing blend of Mother’s Little Helper

I cannot deny that I give my mom a lot of headaches and stress and vice-versa. But at the end of the day, I still love my mommy, and anything that can make her day a little easier I think she will appreciate. Here is where Davids Tea’s organic chamomile, Mother’s Little Helper, will be much appreciated by all those hard working mothers out there.

Mother’s Little Helper is the ultimate tea for anyone who needs an instant relaxation at the end of the day before heading to bed. This amazing blend has everything you need in a de-stress formula. It is a chamomile based tea filled with other blends to create this warm formula. Best of all, it is caffeine-free for those who need a goods night sleep.

The best thing about this tea is the light sprinkle of peppermint and lemongrass in it. Normally two very strong flavours, paired with the chamomile and blue corn flowers, it just adds the right amount of joy. When steeped hot, you just want to sniff the cup and take in the calm and warmth. The vapours make your body relax instantly and everything is forgotten immediately. You will  just want to sit some where comfortable and lay you head down and close your eyes.

For me, I imagine a vast meadow by a lake with a large green tree where I can just sit back, lay down and close my mind. These are some of the few times where I don’t actually think about anything. Hopefully this will do the same for you.

It is almost two weeks after Mother’s day and how many of you still remember your mother and appreciate her as much as you did on that May 9th? Mother’s are always there for you and she will love you no matter what. Although there are many times where you may butt heads with her, in her mind, she is only doing what she think is best for you. Keep in mind that when the time comes, she is the fiercest of protectors and will do everything to ensure your well-being. Mothers shouldn’t just be appreciated one day a year, she should be openly appreciated every single day of the year. Even when you move out of her home, she is still with you looking after you. You can start by making her day a little calmer, and less stressful with a dose of Mother’s Little Helper.


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