Conversations Over Tea: “Don’t Worry”

My discussion with Crystal about life in general seems to be so long ago, yet, it happened only two weeks ago. During that time, we reflected on our actions and the paths that we have taken. We dubbed it our “Quarter-Life Crisis.” At the time, it did seem like a dire situation and I felt helpless and lost. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my courses, a job, an internship, my student group life. There were so many things to  chat about.

Yet this past week (before spending a weekend in Boston with my friends), even with my mind all over the place, another well-versed conversation with a great friend and mentor has opened my eyes to see what is right in front of me.

Through another friend, I met Jessica, a PR professional, during the summer. She has helped me a lot in my personal growth as a business student looking to build up my resume for a future career; She has also given me a lot of great advice and insights into the PR industry. This tea chat was long over due and what she had to say really resonated with me. On a chilly day, we went to DavidsTea in the Annex to enjoy their Dollar Tea Days in house.

Most of the conversation revolved around which PR firms I can look into, which industries I should consider and how my life after graduation can look like. There were also a lot of reassurances uttered during the conversation and it really hit me, that I need to take life one day at a time, sett high goals, yet are attainable day to day, and also know that there is nothing to worry about.

Here are several key points I have learnt from this conversation, and several revelations that I have come to after the conversation:

  1. Whatever I pursue, ensure that it is pursued with passion. I am passionate about many things (the easy part), what I now need to do now is find out how I can connect my passions with my potential future career. I can start by listing my passions and learning more about them every day. Here is just a glance at my passions: tea, soccer-football, Christianity, charity work, event planning, mentorship, fashion (more specifically shoes, accessories and handbags), skincare, and all forms of creative writing.
  2. There are endless opportunities out in the world that I just haven’t encountered yet. Up until 8months ago, I didn’t even know what Public Relations entailed, so imagine, by the time I graduate, how many more industries I will learn about. There is no need to rush into something; measure and go through a thorough cost-benefit analysis whereveropportunities are available for the taking.
  3. DON’T WORRY. As much as we’d like to think, we have absolutely barely any control of our life. There are too many external and chance factors for us to even think about, let alone to try and control. When this is realized, life becomes much more fun to live. For myself, I can only work so hard at academics before I hit the wall of reality; there is only so much I can do to gain the next job before it is out of my hands and authority; there is only so much I can connect with a person before the nature of the relationship is realized. I can go on and on and on but the point I’m trying to get to, is that: no matter how many people tell me that I can take hold of my life, it becomes too stressful and unrealistic, that I can only give a full 200% and always end the day knowing I have done everything in my capacity and to never look back and regret what I have done.
Those were the key points that I ended up taking away from me. All I needed was a great friend, who we had no relationship except for meeting each other through a mutual friend, to have these messages really stick to me and motivate me to follow through with them.
There is still quite a ways until graduation, and if anything, I’ve learned to not rush into anything, and to only pursue opportunities that I am 100% passionate about, because if I don’t, that opportunity turn into a prison real soon. Life is short, don’t live it filled with regrets and what-ifs.
Thank you Jessica(@JessDavidson) for meeting up with me, and thank you to DavidsTea(@DavidsTea) for having a conversation friendly environment where people can chat and drink tea.

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