Tea Thoughts: Gimme some Lovin`

There are times when we all need comforting. Most the time, we would go for the materialistic things to comfort us. I know for myself, I use to think purchasing an expensive accessory would solve all my problems; that if I allow myself to indulge in spending money to gain materialistic wealth, that the satisfaction would hide my misery and stress. However, I have discovered that this is not to be so. That temporary satisfaction just means that the problem would manifest itself into a more hideous form later on, and I would have come full circle to face my problem again.

In the past couple of years, university has given me stress beyond belief. No one said it was easy, but everyone had failed to mention how difficult it was to deal with school-work-life balance without burning out. There are times when I am cranky, or when I am depressed and do not know what I am trying to achieve in life anymore. Tonight, my friend sat me down and talked to me about my attitude towards life. What he said really resonated with me. Not all of what he said has sunk in yet, but pretty much the message was: I worry too much and stress about all the things that are unnecessary; what is meant to happen, will happen. Now, this message has been repeated to me time and time again, yet it has failed to solidify itself in my head until tonight. To have a close friend who knows me so well tell it to me was a shock to my system. But it was much needed and was given at about the right time. Lately I have begun to start worry about my job position and how university is going to end. Without the stress of final assignments and portfolios, I have had more time to think about my situation, and it was not looking good. Having my friend tell it to me as he sees it, has taken a weight off my shoulders and have given me the motivation to do what I love to do most, write about tea.

Appropriate to the conversation and theme, Love Tea #7 (www.davidstea.com) has been my go-to tea all year as it always gives me great comfort when I need to stop my mind from racing nonstop. An aromatic combination of black tea, rose petals, strawberry and bitter chocolate, this tea never fails to give me the comfort I seek in stressful times. There is something about the combination of the tea that just makes me remember everything that is good about life. It makes me remember the amazing friends I have and the wonderful family who loves me. During stressful times, a little lovin’ is all we need to clear our heads and solve our problems. There isn’t much more I can say about this incredible mixture that DavidsTea has created. It is one of my absolute favourites and is a staple in my tea cupboard. A must have creation for everyone who needs a reminder of the more important things in life.

A little lovin’ is all we need to solve our problems and keep it real.

Thank you to Adnan(@AD_TO) for being an incredible friend and putting up with me all the time. Be sure to follow his incredible blog all about the theatre, film, art and stars: http://theartsscene.ca/


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