Year End TeaTime: RoyalTEA with the Duchess

To celebrate the last day of the year, my friends and I had afternoon tea at Duchess Bake Shop. This cute little shop is one of the new hotspots in my hometown for tea and cake. Duchess Bake Shop embodies everything royal about casual tea time with friends. With their assorted selection of cakes, macaroons, and other delicious goodies, everyone can enjoy a great time in this grand establishment.

At the Duchess, everything is made in-house  from the highest quality ingredients fresh each day. With their staff working around the clock, the best is placed out for customers to choose from and to enjoy. Today, we decided on an assortment of macaroons, meringues and I even took home a “Duchess” cake.  The lovely macaroons come in many flavours and colours. Today, Duchess had an assortment of Christmas flavours as well as some delicious staple flavours. We had a taste of eggnog, gingerbread, candy cane, pistachio, rose, and salted caramel flavoured macaroons. Each one had it’s own royal taste and every bite was taken with delight. We finished the afternoon off with a chocolate meringue, one that was baked to perfection.

A sample stack of all the tasty macarons that we had today. Can you guess which is which?

Of course, it wouldn’t be afternoon tea without tea. The Duchess Bake Shop has an assortment of staple teas and I decided to go with the “Buckingham Palace” black tea. A very simple black tea flavoured with sweetener and cream is all I needed to make this a perfect afternoon tea with the girls. We caught up on the year that was where there is no better place for gossip chat than an amazing shop with vintage chairs and marble tables. There is much to look forward to in the new year but one thing we are all still looking forward to is where life will lead us. Most of us are coming close to the end of post-secondary education, the point where we are all searching for where we will fit in. Let’s hope that 2012 will bring out the best in us all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

My amazing friends who introduced me to some of the best pastries in the city! (from left to right: Serena; Crystal)

Follow Duchess Bake Shop ( on Twitter @duchessbakeshop. And to my amazing friends Crystal (@cjyc23) and Serena (@MissSerena), Happy New Year.  I’ll see you, Crystal, back in the T-dot soon and best of luck to you, Serena, in France.


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