Tuesday Tea Review: ImmortaliTEA

We would all love to live a little bit longer, and most definitely live better. Whether it be from being a little wealthier, a little bit healthier or little bit happier, we’d all love to improve our lives in one way or another. Chances are, some variation of this is on your New Year’s Resolution.

Oolong tea has been part of Chinese culture for hundreds of years with many different stories and tales as to where the tea originated from. But regardless of it’s origins, oolong has become popular throughout the years through different ways of processing the tea leaves. This interesting looking tea bears the name of ‘Black Dragon” (translated from Chinese). And like the name, this type of tea is thought to bring immortality to those who drink it.

DavidsTea ( has once again transformed this traditional drink into a wonderful treat that will help pull you through the highly stressful year. Life Long Oolong is a peach infused oolong filled with many pieces of peach, apricot, almond slices, orange peel and safflower petals. This very fragrant and naturally sweet tea will definitely bring you to live another day through university and a great way to start the New Year on a positive note.

The answer and secret to immortality and vitality for the already crazy school year

Peaches, in Chinese culture, is a highly treasured fruit. The Peach tree was thought to possess more vitality than any other tree out there. It was held in high regards as it held the secret to longevity. There are also many other stories surrounding the peach. In Japan, there is a folklore of a very powerful and humble boy that sprung out from a giant peach. Life Long Oolong is filled with peachy goodness. The sweet smell can be smelt just by opening the tin can, but it is also the first scent to reach the olfactory receptors when steeped.

The addition of apricot is a very nice compliment to the peach tea. Coming from the same Genus (Prunus), it is only a match made in heaven that it is paired up with peach in this incredible rejuvenating drink. Apricot is a fruit that was treasured and believed to improve one’s academic growth and education as well as having mysterious medicinal properties. It was also said that Confucius had his students study in a garden of apricot trees to allow for them to be educated better. It could be said that with apricot in Life Long Oolong it just adds to the powerful properties of ingesting this tea throughout another year of dynamic schooling.

To add to this deliciously fruity treat, there are slivers of almonds to nibble on along with small pieces of orange peels. This tea is sure to prolong anyone’s life this new year. Filled with various fruits to give longevity, this immortaliTEA (thanks Aly) is a must have in the tea cupboard and is a tea that will help the New Year start off right.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tea Review: ImmortaliTEA

  1. Great post!!! Love that you include the background of the tea and how it gets its fantastic qualities 🙂

    Also, I’m so glad I could contribute 😉

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