Reaching New Heights

Musicals are one of the enjoyments in my life. Over the past couple of years since moving to Toronto, I have had amazing opportunities to go and watch musical productions that tour in the city. My first musical being Rent(on tour with original cast Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal) in 2010. In the past year alone, I have watched two musicals and tonight, my friend took me to my third musical of the 2011-2012 season.

In The Heights is a four time Tony Award winning musical, including the 2008 Tony Award for Best Musical, that has everything you are looking for in a musical: strife, love, humour, endless numbers of songs and seamless choreography. Words cannot describe how amazing this production is. It talks how a Latino community located in Washington Heights, New York City, strive to look for a better life through finding their place and value in the community. It talks about the importance of family and community and how everyone has to work together in order to achieve something better, collectively.

The choreography is exceptional and the music mixes Latino flavour with hiphop. This astounding piece by Lin-Manuel Miranda is a must-see for everyone. Get your tickets (at dancap) and get an experience like none other.

Musical Tea Choice: Chocolate Chili Chai

Look out for @AD_TO’s review and interview with the cast of In The Heights ( Thank you for everything.


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