A Classy Touch of Humour

Since I was young, my daddy has always taken me to the ballet. I’ve watched The Nutcracker several times and Romeo and Juliet as a little girl. However, since then, I have not experienced the ballet for a very long time. Tonight was the first night that I have watched a ballet production in quite a while.

My first time inside the Four Seasons Centre in downtown Toronto was incredible. Once you step in you feel the elegance and extravagance of the building, yet it is everything you are looking for in a modern theatre. It felt like I stepped into a movie. Being able to be in a place dedicated to the performing arts to anticipate the upcoming performance was pretty surreal for me. I decided to go alone tonight and try the experience all on my own and it was worth everything.This week, La Fille mal gardée is running on stage with rotating principal dancers. Tonight I got to see the elegant Sonia Rodriguez and the powerful Piotr Stanczyk on stage as Lise and Colas, the protagonists of this ballet. This narrative ballet is one of the oldest ballets and most loved comedic pastoral ballets. The story is very simple, Lise, a beautiful village girl, and Colas, the handsome farmer, are two people in love. Unfortunately for them, Lise’s mother, Widow Simone (portrayed by guest artist Matjash Mrozewski) wishes for Lise to marry a rich son of a vineyard proprietor Alain. Throughout the entire piece, you see how Lise and Colas will play around trying to find ways to see each other. This ballet is truly light-hearted and filled with endless amounts of quirks which keeps you engaged throughout.

Choreographed by the late Sir Frederick Ashton, the National Ballet of Canada has made this piece extraordinary. The colourful costumes and the joyful dances makes this piece enjoyable to watch. What was even more incredible was to see the strength of Piotr Stanczyk and Sonia Rodriguez’s strength. The ballet was seamless and fun to watch, but it was the intricate and powerful choreography for their solos which stole the show. At every second, they were leaping bounds and pirouetting all across the stage. It was exhilarating to watch.

Fille - Gallery 7

Matjash Mrozewski with Artists of the Ballet in La Fille mal gardée. Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic. Taken from the National Ballet of Canada website.website

This is one of the best ballet experiences I’ve had. Who knew that classical ballet could be so intricate and beautiful yet humourous at the same time? La Fille mal gardée  will only be on stage for another two days, so make sure to get your tickets soon to watch this incredible performance. The famous Clog Dance is also part of this incredible production. Come for a night of laughter and smiles. This is surely to put a smile on your face and make everything better.

Tea Choice: DavidsTea’s Glitter&Gold.

And one of my favourite parts of the ballet was when Frankie shows up on stage. Who knew ponies could perform just as well on stage beside dancers?


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