Yvonne’s Guide to Getting Through Exams

This has got to be the most gruesome exam period in the history of Yvonne’s Exam Period. Like most UofT students, exam period=death. If you pass and come out alive, congratulations, you have now progressed onto the next level of death in four months time. Whohoo!

My I-don’t-want-to-study-and-you-can’t-make-me-I-will-pout face

To make it through this exam period, I have depended on two of my university addictions. Tea and One Direction. The former, not a surprise. I have stocked up on tea from DavidsTEA and have been steeping an average of three kuppas a night to get through all the material that I have to prepare for my battle with the Faculty of ArtSci. My tea flavours for this exam period are:

  1. Matcha Green Tea: This powered form of green tea has the highest level of antioxidant out of any tea out there. Perfect for cleansing the body of junk foods and university stress.
  2. Birthday Cake: A delicious blend of rooibos and sprinkles, this tea has almost the same effects of eating a delicious birthday cupcake. It’s like a treat every time a cup is steeped!
  3. Chocolate Cake: Exam period is nothing without black tea. So what’s better than this delectable blend of chocolate-ty goodness that will keep me awake long into the night? That’s right. Nothing. Drinking this tea is like eating chocolate cake but better because I can have as much as I want without the repercussions of eating an entire chocolate cake. Need I say more? Yum.

As for the latter, One Direction (and yes I mean the British Boy Band from X-Factor) is a totally new addictive obsession and an unprecedented one at that. When my friend- @MsRachelTeoh, went crazy over them, I swore I was not going to get swept up in the craze (After all, their song What Makes You Beautiful is one of the most annoying songs I’ve heard on the radio). But lo-and-behold, two months later, I have them on my iPod and on repeat on YouTube (to be fair, What Makes You Beautiful is the one song I can’t stand from them). And I can only speculate why I am suddenly enthralled with these British cuties:

  1. They are a boy band. Comprised of 5 attractive teens who can sing. BSB anyone?
  2. They are British. (Yes I am an Anglo-phile. Any one of my suitemates can attest to that).
  3. They are a boy band who sing cute chick songs with ridiculous lyrics that make girls swoon. Example: One Thing: Shot me out of the sky/ you’re my kryptonite/ you keep making me weak/ frozen and can’t breathe. Word.
  4. They have luscious locks of varying shades.
  5. They sing a capella. With perfect harmonization.
  6. They are upbeat and happy and filled with dimples.
  7. They are adorkable.
  8. They’ve got style.
  9. Secretly I want to marry one.
  10. Have I mentioned they’re British?

You know you’re jealous.

So that’s it folks! The two things that are getting me through to the finish line, tea and 1D (yes, my obsession has brought me to a whole new level of OMGICAN’T BELIEVEIAMONETOO!).

Now, back to studying. Like they say: “Slow and steady wins the race!” OTL


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