7 Ways to Procrastinate During Exams

There is only so much studying a student can handle. During the exam period, studying takes precedent over life and students enter into a void where nothing but studying to get that “right” number exists (you know who you are, people who continuous punch numbers into a calculator to know for sure what mark you need on the final to get your pass). But none of us really want to study and we will take “breaks” to “rest our brains”, but really, we’re just all doing something else that seems productive and pertinent when we should be studying.

When procrastinating, proceed to do any number of the following activities in any combination depending on how long you want to delay studying and what you’re in the mood for.

  1. Log onto various social media platforms and to see what is up with the world. Studies show that there in an increase activity on Facebook and Twitter during exam season. Don’t believe me? You’re not a student.
  2. Watch Psych. Or any other TV shows out there. It will increase your social activity if you watch it with a friend (@katherinepedia) or it can make for good conversation when everyone else is talking about exams.
  3. Read posts from Thought Catalog. Cause really, who wants to read about the history of Economics or why market efficiency is important?
  4. Paint your nails. Nothing makes a girl happier than painting her nails and making it glitter. (Well, almost nothing.)
  5. Have a dance party because of the One Direction Infection. You know that’s right!
  6. Go to Starbucks and grab a Green Tea Latte, 1/2 Sweet, No Foam with a Raspberry Pump. The walk and drink will rejuvenate you.
  7. Keep Calm and STEEP TEA.

Good luck with your studies! (If you have any other procrastination techniques, please share with the rest of us in the comment below!)

Keep Calm and Carry On


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