Another Year Gone By: Airport Edition

I’ve made it! Third year has officially ended, and I am 3/4 of the way through university. Another year left and I will reach another milestone. This year was the hardest year up to date. Whoever said, “Things will get easier,” was lying. Period. As university progresses, you gain more responsibility as a student, and as you progress to be an adult, your responsibilities and priorities change. There have been so many lessons learnt this year, too much to list, but here are some of the top ones I can think of as I reflect back on the year that was, at an airport terminal.

  1. If you want something, go for it, but be patient. One thing that the UofT Sports Business Association taught me this year, was to “go for it.” Earlier, we had the opportunity to visit the Score Studio and unfortunately, the Footy Show Guys (my favourite personalities) were off that day. However, due to my constant dedication to the Footy Show and endless Tweeting, I was offered an opportunity to return the next day and hang out with the staff and the Footy Show guys for their Saturday show. It was a blast! Be patient but persistent.
  2. Step out of your comfort zone. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not social at all. This year my roommate and floormates literally had to drag me to go to our MadMen themed pub night. Surprise, surprise, I had an amazing time. Next year, let’s try clubbing. Once.
  3. Splurge. Once. University isn’t university if you do not at least splurge once on something. Life can become too depressing. Whether it is spending money on a$43 Pitcher of Sangria or purchasing tickets to this year’s and next year’s One Direction concert, we all need to indulge ourselves at some point. School eats you up otherwise.
  4. Explore the city you’re in. There’s so much more than what meets the eye. After living in the same area for three years, it’s surprising how many things are missed.
  5. If people ask you if you are married, say yes (even if you aren’t). I don’t think I have ever been asked by so many people if I am married before. And every single time I am left baffled and speechless, or on the floor laughing. I think the next time someone asks I should just say yes so I can share my ridiculous story about my imaginary prince charming. It will be something fun to do.
  6. Add raspberry to everything. Well, almost everything. Thank you @katherinepedia
  7. Twitter can be your gateway to the world. Because it really is.
  8. Make new friends. Simple but true.
  9. Tea is a life saver. My life motto: Tea solves everything.

And there you have it! Something short and brief about the year that was. Now time to catch my flight! (Please share the lessons you have learned this year.)


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