Last First Day

Isn’t it weird how fast everything passes you by? I can’t believe it’s already been three years since I first stepped onto the University of Toronto Campus. Starting the fourth and final year of university is both terrifying and liberating. Terrifying because as a commerce student, recruitment is the most stressful time for the entire faculty; Liberating because I know that I am only eight months away from completing a Bachelors of Commerce from the Rotman Commerce and taking a leap of faith into the next chapter of my life.

My home of three years.

The first two weeks of school have already gone by, meaning that there are only twenty-two more weeks of class left before I exit the institution as a graduate. How odd will that be, knowing that I will call UofT my alma mater one year from now instead of my home? I must say, these first two weeks were intense, packed full of drama, stress, laughter, smiles and realization. From TIFF movies, to corporate recruitment and Olympic Parades, every second of every day was spent doing something that would make my last year as a student most memorable.

Celebrating our London Olympic Athletes

My two lovely floor mates

These upcoming weeks are going to be tough and filled with anxiety. As October is just right around the corner, midterms loom ahead, interview offers are coming out within the next two weeks, and assignments galore will be piled on my desk. Yet amidst all this educational and career chaos, there will be time for friends and enjoyment as well; I will get the chance to explore the Danforth area with my best-roomie, a visit to Boston is always welcomed, and a chance to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger will be interesting.

As one chapter of my life slowly comes to an end, another will just be beginning. And while I do not know what will be penned on the pages, I sure cannot wait to read and share them. Keep Calm and Steep Tea.


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