2012 Year at a Glance

I can’t believe that 2012 is over! This epic year has been filled with various ups and downs, and we can only look back on what has happened, not change it. Here are some of the most memorable moments of my 2012!

  1. Reconnecting with friends. Friends will always come and go, but I have learnt this year that they will always be just out of reach until they are meant to be back in your life. Hold on to your friends and spend as much time creating memories together, you never known when you might need them when you’re away from them.
  2. Take time to explore the city you’re in. Each city is unique and has its own characteristics. This year I have gone out quite a bit to see Toronto and have discovered that the city has so much to offer and I want to explore everything before I have to leave!
  3. Going to the ballet. I have always enjoyed the ballet as a little girl. I still have dreams of being a ballerina. This year, I experienced the National Ballet of Canada and boy was that an exciting thing! More performances to look forward to in 2013!
  4. Screaming at the TV while watching the summer Olympics and Eurocup at school. Yup, you read that right! AT SCHOOL! During the summer, they decided to broadcast both events. It was fun cheering on various teams and cheering with random people. Can’t wait for the next events to come!
  5. Cooking and enjoying food as a way of relieving stress. Yep, this last year of university is definitely stressful and the only way to keep calm is sometimes to just cook and bake with close friends and use stress energy to turn into something positive.
  6. Making new friends and connections. While it is sometimes difficult for me to make friends, it is a necessity in life. I have been blessed by being surrounded with incredibly amazing people and am so lucky that I have them as friends! It is very easy to go through university without making friends. However, they will help you through so much and they will show you a different perspective of life. It never hurts to meet someone new!

Well, that’s about some of the top moments of my 2012! What are some of your memories of the year, personal or about the world?


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