The Final Semester

It’s finally here. The final semester of my undergraduate year at Rotman. Several things come to mind when I think about this. I feel scared. Excited. Nervous. Exhilarated. This is it! What I have been working towards for the past 3.5 years, my “moment” is almost here. Moving away from my hometown to a bigger city was definitely a huge change for me. I have learnt to be slightly more independent. Made my own choices. Made new friends. Discovered new experiences. Most importantly, learned to appreciate every thing and opportunity God has given me in this life and trusting that He has a plan for this crazy adventure called “life”.

Now, after almost 4 years, I am just as confused about life as when I first moved to Toronto, maybe even more so. But we shall see what this last semester will bring! There are still many exciting things to do in this city and I want to experience all Toronto has to offer! Maybe I will even be adventurous and venture into a club! (For those of you who don’t know, I have yet to step foot inside a club to determine if I actually like it or not. Yes, I know, horrifying isn’t it?) Tomorrow is the first day of university classes and while my classes don’t start until Tuesday, there is still much preparation to be done. Also due to a more sparse schedule, I will probably looking for a 2nd part-time job to try something new and make a little more money. Anyone know anyone hiring?

So as the final hours countdown to the official start of semester, let’s celebrate (or just nervously drink) to a great last semester! At the end of the day, I truly am excited for what is to come! To think, that in four months time, I will actually have to decide what I want to do with my life! No more depending on school to fill up my time. I will actually have to find a full-time job and have non-student-ly responsibilities! (Le gasp!) Since it is not advisable to actually consume alcohol the night before school, we’ll go for a tea alternative. DavidsTea has come up with another champagne tea, Bubbly, to substitute for real champagne. And while the tea does not replace real champagne, we can all pretend we are drinking the lovely bubbly drink. This green tea is actually quite soothing and has a sweet summer blossom taste to it. With a hint of candied pineapple flavour to sweeten the taste, this tea only takes 3 minutes (no more) to steep.

A little bit of Bubbly

A little bit of Bubbly

What are you excited for this last semester?


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