Thank You Berry Berry Much

Once in a while we all need a little change in life. Sometimes it is a minute change, like wearing you hair up when you normally wear it down; or it can be a major change, like deciding to drop your current job to pursue your calling. Regardless, change is inevitable and will always change your perspective on life. Today, I felt was time to change tea flavours. Over the holidays, I bought some tea from Teavana (recently bought out by Starbucks) just for a change. When I saw their Blackberry Mojito Green Tea I was intrigued. When I saw raspberries on the ingredient list, I was sold. (And while this tea didn’t make me achieve an epiphany, it calmed my nerves and stress right down!)

Blackberry Mojito Green Tea.

Blackberry Mojito Green Tea.

This delightfully refreshing green tea has a very natural flavouring and taste to it. It isn’t too sweet, yet it is not bitter like plain green tea: The perfect balance between juicy blackberry goodness and the sweet tartness of raspberries. The Blackberry Mojito tea is very light and is perfect for ending dinner with or to enjoy with your favourite Jane Austen. More surprisingly, this berry tea actually has a strong flavour- nothing like the watered down tea bags you get at grocery stores…. And finally, what is a mojito without a hint of mint? Even thought the spearmint is slight, it completes the berryliciousness. Steep for a maximum of 5 minutes and you will get an explosion of flavour to satisfy any tea craving. This is definitely one pink drink I recommend to anyone who can down an entire bowl of berries in seconds. Simply delicious and heavenly. Can’t wait to try it iced in the summertime!


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