Tea-rrific Time: Inaugural Toronto Tea Festival

Inaugural Toronto Tea Festival!

Inaugural Toronto Tea Festival!

It’s finally here! Yesterday, Toronto hosted the very first TEA FESTIVAL!! Yes, you read right, TEA FESTIVAL! Organized by Tao Tea Leaf and the Tea Guild of Canada, the Toronto Reference Library was filled with tea lovers and enthusiasts checking out all kinds of tea and tea related products. There’s not too much to say about this festival other than: IT WAS ABOUT TIME! Over 30 companies were present, from familiar faces like Dan and Herbal Infusions to new companies like Bare English & Co. This festival showcased the best of tea from Toronto. Many of the companies are boutique shops with flavourful teas that pack a punch. Even King Eddy was there promoting their high tea and serving strawberry scones!

What was great about this festival was that the vendors actually engaged with the audience, shared tea experiences and random stories. It was interesting to learn about how everyone caught on to the loose leaf premium tea phase and how some of these companies started. Steeped, featured on Dragons Den was also there promoting their services and sharing their story of success. Furthermore, there were plenty of workshops and tea demonstrations to make the Saturday a family friendly fun-filled day!

I only hope that everyone in the tea community and beyond recognize the importance to support the local tea companies to make the Tea Festival an ongoing annual event. Maybe even extend it to over an entire weekend! What I loved the most about the festival was to see that I am not the only one who goes crazy gaga over tea! There were at least 600+ other people who did too! Hopefully you will all connect with me via Twitter @YvoYeungGirl and keep this #teaconversation going!

Tea On!

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