Travel Bug: L.A. Day 1

Today @MsRachelTeoh and I started our trip to Los Angeles for Reading Week! This is the first Reading Week where I didn’t actually have to read anything academic related and could travel. I was very excited for my first trip to Los Angeles in over 10 years (last time I was in LA I was six and spent 3 days in Disney Land with my family. The most memorable thing I remembered was that my mom and brother got stuck in Space Mountain for an hour and I was turned away from the actual ride part of the Indiana Jones’ Ride after making a long and arduous trek to the beginning of the ride. Because I was too short…)

But today was a different beginning to our LA trip! It started with approximately 2-3 hours of sleep, a 5-6 hour plane ride and a 2 hour commute to our hotel. A lot of travel time, but I think very eye opening. Here are a couple of things that @MsRachelTeoh and I learned today:

1. Take a cab out of LAX and into Hollywood. We stood out like flashing neon signs riding the metro out of LAX. (The first thing we saw from theMetro was a couple squad cars and a squad van in front of a house by the Metro.)

2. There are lots of vintage stores to be enjoyed. These are all little gems that you will stumble upon during wanders. Pictures to be shared later.

3. Bring comfortable shoes. Yes people, these are not Boston blocks, they are Toronto sized blocks, but worse because they have nothing on them. Advice: Rent a car.

4. Food needs to be planned ahead of time. You can wander all you want, but amazing food places are hidden among the palm trees. So do research ahead of time, or you will find yourself spending more time and money in food than needed.

5. Hollywood Highland is the stop to be at. Not Hollywood Vines. Stepping outside Hollywood Vines will bring you to the big musical theatre, Pantages. Nothing much else. Hollywood Highland on the other hand, will bring you to an incredible outdoor mall with a water fountain playground and delicious food as well as all the amazing Hollywood attractions.

6. Walgreens is amazing. They carry everything. And more. They even have Froyo! (Among other fresh foods and a slushie machine) @MsRachelTeoh: it’s like a high end Shoppers with a 7-eleven mixed in all together.

7. In California, there is no need to specify “Cali-style” when ordering drinks. After all, you are in California! (It’s like trying to order Hong Kong style milk tea when you’re in HK. People just give you funny looks.)

That’s all for now! We will keep you updated on my blog and be sure to follow @MsRachelTeoh for our daily Instagram-days.



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