Travel Bug: L.A. Day 2

Day 2 in Los Angeles brought much sunlight but not as much warmth as much as @MsRachelTeoh and I would have hope for, but regardless, we had a fun filled day running around L.A.

After a filling breakfast at the hotel (including a personalized omelette) we made our way towards Hollywood Boulevard and the heart of Hollywood as we know it. After walking through the the Walk of Fame, we made our way through the Chinese Theatre and the Dolby Theatre as well. The theatres are a lot more than they seem on TV (more pictures later on). What was probably the most exciting, or interesting, was the fact that they were setting up for the Academy Awards–meaning we were able to stand on THE Red Carpet before the stars step foot on them.

For the next 8 hours @MsRachelTeoh and I toured all around L.A. by braving the chill winds and hopping on and off Starline City Tour buses to get a taste of what L.A. is all about. First stop was the breathtaking Walt Disney Concert Hall, followed by a drive around all of downtown L.A. In the evening, we toured the Beverly Hills and made it all the way to LACMA and did a mini-photoshoot.


Tomorrow, we’re off to Santa Monica! Stay tuned for some more Travel Bug adventures!

Here are some things we learned today:

1. It is imperative to own a convertible in L.A. With 321 days of sun in the City of Angels, not owning a convertible just seems like a crime.

2. The population of L.A. and the countless number of metropolitan areas (between 65 and 85) is about half that of Canada. A really large city.

3. Riding on the upper level of a 2-story bus down Hollywood freeway is a roller coaster ride of its own. O boy, the winds are great down in this valley.

4. For a city built on the foundation of Christianity, Scientology sure is prominent. There is a Scientology building at every corner.

5. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is just as popular as Starbucks! A new tea place for me to try out and blog about!




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