Travel Bug: L.A. Day 3 Spotlight SANTA MONICA

Having flown all the way to the west coast without stopping by the Pacific Ocean would be a crime. So, on our adventure today, @MsRachelTeoh and I went all the way to SANTA MONICA today to soak up some sun, sand and saltwater.


As our 48 hour Starline pass was still in effect today, we decided to take the scenic route out to the ocean. We passed through Beverly Hills again and learned quite a few interesting facts about the well-manicured-lawn city. But before that, we popped by Millions of Milkshakes. We had an Obama shake and a La Toya Jackson shake. They are all creations of celebrities who like to frequent the shop. They even have a star map!-where they track celebrities movements….(kind of really creepy.)

1. The Beverly Hill’s shield is copyrighted. Meaning, if you would like to use the image for anything other than personal use, please don’t forget to contact the Beverly Hills Chambers of Commerce and there will be a charge on it.

2. All fire hydrants in the Hills are silver. Truth, citizens of Beverly Hills believed silver looked better and fit in more with the culture of the Hills than the traditional yellow colored hydrants.

3. Bijan is the most expensive store. Ever. You can only step inside the store if you made an appointment. There is also a Bugatti Veyron parked outside the store at all times for all you car enthusiasts.

While it was cool to drive around Beverly Hills around Rodeo Drive and Beverly Drive, the highlight of the day was Santa Monica and the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. A nice walk along the beach or even spending time at the mall is worth the drive out to the ocean. We stopped by Urth Cafe for some delicious lattes and then went for a nice seafood dinner (including a tasty sample of raw oysters!)

1. Guys actually work out on the beach. Like on TV and the typical stereotypes. It can be quite fun to watch.

2. The Santa Monica beach is used as a beach scene for many movies and TV shows.

3. There is food EVERYWHERE! Unlike Hollywood where places to eat is scarce, there is a restaurant or cafe at every turn and corner. Seafood is simply divine in Santa Monica.



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