Travel Bug: Day 4

It feels great to be able to take a break from everything once in a while. This trip has been something both @MsRachelTeoh and I needed–some time away from the craziness from school and future planning so we can just do things with the only worries being “where to go for dinner” and “how to get back to the hotel.”

Today, being the warmest day up to date, we decided to do the Starline Hollywood Homes tour. We got to see the mansions of various stars including Katy Perry, JT, Bruno Mars, David Spade and many more (including Tom Cruise’s chimney. Yup. Chimney.) It was a breezy drive up the Hollywood Hillside before we reached a good view of the Hollywood sign. After a long tour learning random facts about stars, we made our way down to the Hard Rock Cafe for linner then drifted around Hollywood Highland (yet again) before heading over to the Beverly Hills Shopping Centre (which left much to be desired. For anyone who cares, The Grove is our choice for shopping in L.A.) All in all a relaxing day to just enjoy the city. Some fun facts we learned today:

1. It is impossible to stand on the street and hail a taxi. No jokes people. @MsRachelTeoh and I tried multiple times and it is just not like out east. The most effective way of getting a taxi is to either be at a mall to consult valet or info centre, wait by a hotel, or simply to call the taxi company and arrange for a ride. We learned this the hard way. Conclusion: Drive!

2. There are a lot of stars living in the Hills, but equally as many random rich people (RRP) who can afford estates there. There are a lot of RRPs living in the Beverly Hills area owning houses as gorgeous or more gorgeous than the famous people.

3. Range Rover baby! Cars define your status and it is most apparent in L.A. Celebrities’ ride of choice is a white or black Range Rover. Even Maseratis are very common. And up to date we’ve seen a couple of Teslas as well as a Ferrari in a candy store. (We’ll let you figure out the last one.) Basically, when you see either of those cars, they are either RRPs or famous people and you should just wave (when in doubt).

5. Hollywood is named after a holiday home from out east. It was named by Mrs. Wilcox (who, along with her husband “discovered Hollywood”) where during a train ride, had her ear talked off by a lady who spoke incessantly of her summer home “Hollywood”. It just sounded right.

Tomorrow we head out to UCLA for our conference and back to Santa Monica to soak up some sun!



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