Travel Bug: L.A. Day 5 Spotlight UCLA

Today was Conference day at UCLA. The campus is an enclosed area expanding several blocks. This gorgeous and expansive campus resembles campuses in movies and was a dream to walk through. Words cannot describe how beautiful the red brick buildings and flowing fountains are.

The conference was The Anderson School’s first Women Business Conference. The opening plenary was Fawn Germer, a motivational speaker and author. Her message to us was strong, “be yourself and you will get the most out of life.” Fawn also said a lot about “ignoring the wrinkled dress.” Focus on yourself and what makes you great. As women, we tend to talk down ourselves and say things to ourself that we would never say to a most hated person. That is astonishing and we have to change that. Her talk was very motivating and gave me some hope in moving ahead with my life.

Beautiful UCLA campus.

Beautiful UCLA campus.

After the conference, we headed back down to Santa Monica and just enjoyed a nice time by the beach. We also stumbled upon the end of the Spirit Awards and so was able to catch a couple stars. My favourite two of the day: Jeremy Renner and Bruce Willis. Awesome.

Tomorrow, we will head to Universal Studios, so stay tuned for a fun-filled post of movie goodness! Tomorrow is also the Oscars! We won’t be heading down to the festivities as everything is hyper secured, so we’ll probably enjoy it in the comfort of our hotel room. Hopefully we’ll be able to see some stars lurking around, but if we don’t, I’m sure we’ll see some at LAX on Monday.




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