Travel Bug: L.A. Day 6 Spotlight UNIVERSAL STUDIOS

As we sit in our hotel room packing *coughshovingcough* our belongings in our luggage sipping some Barefoot Pink Moscato wine and nibbling on macarons from International Cafe Universal Studios, let’s look at a recap of our day at Universal Studios.


Universal Studios is a theme park filled with all the secrets of Hollywood filmmaking. From a special effects show to the studio tour, some of filmmaking magic is revealed, yet instead of diminishing our appreciation for film, only heightens our appreciation for cinematography. What I enjoyed the most about Universal was the studio tour. Throughout the tour, we drove through several movie sets and learnt how some effects are used. @MsRachelTeoh’s favourite part of the tour was the King Kong 3-D experience (created by the amazing Peter Jackson) while my favourite part was driving through 4 different city scenes in the span of 10minutes.

There were several rides to highlight at Universal Studios: Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Transformer 3D, The Simpsons and Shrek 4D. By far, our favourite ride was the Jurassic Park Riverside Ride. It was the only traditional ride in the sense that it was a real roller coaster and not a fixed seat ride with screen (The Mummy was a mix of both). While all the other rides had cool technology, it simply did not compare to the actual experience of going up a roller coaster then down a water slide with an actual dinosaur model chomping after you. So much fun we went TWICE!

Here’s just a list of random things today:

1. Universal Studios is heading to it’s 2nd century. 100 years of beloved films like Back to the Future, Les Miserables, Psycho, and Jaws, Universal Studios continue to impress with Oscar calibre films.

2. Universal Studios love water and spit. Every. Single. Ride. Had some kind of water effect. We were drenched in Jurassic Park, spit on in every ride and were even splashed on during the Water World show.

3. Multiple movies use the exact same set for filming. While I can’t remember off the top of my head, but all the sets in the lot have been used for more than one movie.

Universal Studios can be conquered in one day. And for those of you who do not like to go in rides, there are a tonne of other things to do. There is a host of shows for you to enjoy, a lot of tiny shops, and just doing a photo shoot adventure in Universal Studios’s multiple themed caul de sac.

As we come to the end of our trip, I hope you have enjoyed reading the adventures of @MsRachelTeoh and I. Tomorrow, we will have a final look back at our Reading Week trip in the City of Angels.



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