Tuesday Tea Review: Liquid Chocolate

If there is one thing I absolutely love above tea and raspberries, it’s chocolate. This delectable treat is every (almost) girls’ best friend during times of happiness, sadness, cheer, anger, frustration and joy. During days when I am feeling particularly high-strung, a small nibble gives me the greatest satisfaction, knowing that the rest of my day will be ok. During days of stress, I would drink a minimum of three cups of tea, usually accompanied by a couple nibbles (read: chunks) of chocolate. now, during days of extreme stressfulness (read: last month before graduation) I can drink the ultimate form of destressing: CHOCOLATE TEA. Yup! You read that right. CHOCOLATE TEA.

For a while now, Herbal Infusions has had their Cacao Tea out for the public. This delicious drink is literally liquid chocolate in a cup. It is so smooth, I can only imagine that it will be like hot chocolate if I made it into a latte (something I should probably try!) This ultimate drink tastes like my favourite dark chocolate and contains absolutely no fat or calories (just what every girl wants.) I love this chocolate tea above any others I have tasted in the past, including DavidsTea Chocolate Cake. I cannot express my awe at how much it tastes like chocolate, yet it has my favourite consistency of tea. Everyone at some point should try this drink! Also, the perfect substitute for the upcoming Easter weekend (for those with children or are just children at heart). This drink is one that I will not get tired of! Just the smell of it makes me happy.


Keep Calm and Steep Tea.


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