Thursday Pick-Me-Up: Vanilla Orchid

It’s that time of week again. Things are starting to slow down and there is STILL one more day of school, work and more work. Everyone in the office is sighing and the gloomy snowy weather in APRIL does not help your case. It’s time for a pick me up! Coffee seems like a good choice but we all know that tea is the better option.

I am starting a new series (Thursday Pick-Me-Up) for all you tea junkies who need a little extra boost near the end of the week! The first featured tea is DAVIDsTEA Vanilla Orchid. This amazing light oolong has a delectable soft orchid taste infused with the sweetness of vanilla. This perfect blend will relax your shoulders, put a smile on your face and help ease you through to the end of the week. This oolong has the right amount of caffeine as well. Nothing to drive you to hyperness or to a caffeine-high, just with enough push for you to stroll through the rest of the day peacefully.

This cuppa definitely put me at ease when I was stressed about having to complete a million and one things. Sometimes, we don’t need something to drive us to power hard through the rest of the week, sometimes a cuppa with a gentle push is all we need to enjoy the end of the week so that TGIF nights start off on a happy note and we all leave the office with a smile on our faces.

Tea on!

Vanilla Orchid

A little goes a long way. Keep Calm and Steep Tea.


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