Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Monday has arrived! The weekend was once again eaten and consumed by the monster named “Finals”. Thank goodness I had already finished studying for my exam today and only needed review, but my Thursday exam material is a little dense and packed and slightly too wordy… My brain is literally about to explode with different theories in negotiations….

Here are some observations from my weekend study session with @katherinepedia:

  1. Your favourite Starbucks will make sure you remain loyal to her. Yup. @Katherinepedia and I tried to go to two other Starbucks (which were jammed packed) before we admitted defeat and ended up at our usual place (which oddly enough was EMPTY).
  2. Have a guilt free Barista Love Affair at Starbucks. It involves your Barista and You having a conversation that goes something like this: *Y: Oh! You’re making my drink today! B: *smiles* Yes. I remember the drink, but that’s not how I spelled the name…You mean I’ve been spelling your name wrong all this time?! Y: It’s ok. B:*grumblemanegoabitdamagedgrumble* How are you doing? Y: I’m good. Thanks for the drink! B: Take care!* Annnnnnnnd end. Something to that effect. If you keep going, it might escalate to this. It could happen…
  3. Study buddies! It’s always good to know that you don’t have to tackle the monster by yourself. You can keep each other company and laugh over things like Vampire Weekend and Grouplove during your break time. 
  4. It’s crucial to spend time with friends more frequently. Crystal and I had a binge fest today and it was because we hadn’t seen each other in THREE weeks! So combined with the stress of Finals and life planning, we both were just slightly ill in our stomachs after dinner…
  5. Tea solves all problems. If you don’t know this by now you haven’t lived yet….

But not to worry! The week may seem like an uphill battle, but, TEA will always help save the day. That’s just something I have to keep in mind. With the craziness of my final (OMGyoumeanI’mgraduatingOMG) undergad exam period, I must remind myself that the evil of exams cannot take away the good in life (synonymous with tea). So plow forward with a cuppa to help you along!

Blog Tea-spiration


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