Why I Should Have No Credited Slavic Folklore

It’s that’ time again people: EXAMS. And this year, these will be the very last undergrad finals I will ever have to write. FOREVER. It should be cause for celebration! I should have banners all over the place telling the world I have completed my B.Comm. Really. I finished my last business exam last week! But no. I have done the stupid thing and had refused to credit/no-credit my Slavic Folklore class. And so instead of chilling out, slowly packing my room away, figuring out my summer plans, I am studying quite hard for Slavic Folklore. So, if there is anything you can take away from my ongoing rant, it is to no-credit courses that have no way shape or form relate to your study area of interest. 

Reasons I am hitting myself over the head because I didn’t no-credit this course:

  1. I could have enjoyed the gorgeous sun. A rare phenomenon in Canada circa 2013: the sun was shining and glowing today. It did not rain, there were no clouds in the sky. Instead, I was sitting inside Starbucks studying. Didn’t get too much done, and ended up smelling like coffee. (Luckily Taylor the Latte Boy was there to say, “Hi” to me.) I had Michael Buble’s It’s A Beautiful Day on repeat, trying to convince myself life’s going to be ok. (It’ only worked until I actually had to start studying.) 
  2. Sleeping-in would have been nice. With graduation and move-out anxiety, and the fact that I am recovering from a nasty 4-week sickness, any additional sleep would have been nice.
  3. The pool of Hart House is calling to me. I need to swim! I need water almost as badly as fishes do. Yesterday was the first time I swam since the beginning of February. It was wonderful, but today, I had no time for the pool because my books were taunting me.
  4. I could be reading about other things. Things that do not require me to know the difference between a vila and rusalka, Julian Calendar vs. Gregorian Calendar, and most of all, what the heck is a skomorokh? Very out of my league I’m afraid…
  5. I would have been in NYC! At Tribeca! Yup! I said no to Tribeca because I have to study…Seriously…I could have met people like Clark Gregg. Maybe.

Anywho, point being, I am regretting not no-crediting this final course (even though I had a rational reason not to), and if you can’t tell I am trying to procrastinate. But alas, only 2 more nights and 3 more days before my undergrad years will be officially be behind me! So I shall trudge through, buckle down and get studying.

Happy studying! (Thanks for listening to me rant! I shall now commence 5 minutes of headdesk-ing then will resume studying.)

Me in my room wishing Thursday was already here.

Me in my room wishing Thursday was already here.


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