Travel Bug: En Route to Kingston

This weekend is known as the May 2-4 weekend where we celebrate the late Queen Victoria’s birthday by indulging in a day off. This year, I get to make my way back to Kingston to spend time with my roomie of four years, Alytron (@alyedwards)! Kingston was the original capital of Canada and is a beautiful lake side city where the sailing events took place during the Montreal Summer Olympics. This small city has a lot to offer and join me and Alytron as we re-explore Kingston this May 2-4 weekend.

Victoria Day is a statuary holiday celebrated only in Canada. This holiday was created on Queen Victoria’s 35th birthday. After her death, the holiday was known as Victoria Day where we remember her birthday as she was deemed the “Mother of Confederation.” Usually the May long weekend is celebrated with parades, various activities along with fireworks. Let’s see what this Victoria Day has in store for us. Follow my blog to keep up to date with The Adventures of Alytron and Yvo3.0.

Happy Victoria Day!


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