Tuesday Tea Review: Chocolate Heaven

One of my favourite drinks at Second Cup is the chocolate chai tea latte. Not only does it have the delicious node of chocolate but it is mixed with the spicy flavour of chai. Well, now, there is no need to find a Second Cup whenever you want a CCTL. Herbal Infusions has this delightful Chocolate Chai tea that tastes even better than Second Cup’s CCTL! Something you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. How amazing is that? One thing I love about Herbal Infusions’ teas is that they are always packed full of flavour. The flavour isn’t weak or faint, it actually tastes like chai and chocolate mixed together. It smells wonderful but tastes even better-quite a feat for most teas smell better than they taste. This makes it my choice tea for Tuesday! Every one needs a little bit of extra oomph to continue on in the week and this tasty blend will definitely keep a smile on your face for the week ahead of you. (It will also add some delicious colour to this gloomy rainy day.)

A fragrant mix of cacoa and chai. Mix with some milk and you've got yourself a latte!

A fragrant mix of cacoa and chai. Mix with some milk and you’ve got yourself a latte!


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