10 Things I Have Learned As A UofT Student

As convocation approaches, June has become my month of reflection. There are so many things that I have learned in these past four years of living in Toronto, but here are the top 10 things I have learned as a student of The University of Toronto:

  1. Invest in index cards: They are handier than you might think. A great tool for studying, these little pages are also great for first time presenters who are learning the art of public communication.
  2. Make sure you have comfortable shoes, boots, rain boots, and heels: You’re in Toronto. As a business student. In down town. Make sure that footwear is appropriate for the treks across campus as well as the presentations and business events you will sure to be a part of. For ladies, make sure to either invest in waterproof everything, or a purse big enough to stuff shoes and boots into.
  3. Carry an umbrella with you: Because it rains all the time and you don’t want to arrive to class looking like a wet dog.
  4. There is a meditation garden in MedSci building: Because, you know, university is stressful and sometimes you just need to be able to sit in a middle of a forest. Indoors. During winter months.
  5. We are close to EVERYTHING: No Jokes.
  6. Compared to the rest of the country, UofT is above all other schools: Fact. Every. Single. student graduates with an Honours degree. 
  7. You can definitely get anywhere around campus in 10 minutes. If you jog, sprint, or have an impressive stride.: Otherwise, 15 minutes is a more accurate time measure.
  8. There are no guarantees in life, lay your own path: No one can guarantee you a job. No one can guarantee your final mark. No one can guarantee you are going to make it across campus without incident. Life is all about risk and adventure; trial and error; fun and not-so-fun; whatever other opposites you can think of. If it was easy and straight forward, there would be no point. One great thing that UofT has pushed me to do is to forge my own way to live life to MY expectations and MY limits. Take what people say as a grain of salt.
  9. Keep me away from coffee. Makes me uber hyper: Even though I drink lots of tea, I am not immune to the caffeine and sugar rush that coffee gives me. KEEP IT AWAY FROM ME!
  10. Enjoy your time as a student. You can do ANYTHING: Once you graduate, there will be an overload of things to worry about. There will never be another time in your life like being an undergrad student. Make the time to build friendships, date, party and enjoy student discounts in this incredible city. Once you graduate, times will be filled with other things to enjoy.

That’s a wrap! My time at university has finally come to an end and I am already missing the times with my roommates, classmates and friends, but the world has so much to offer, it is time to let everything go and experience The Real World.

With Alytron and Thar-2D2 back in 1st year! (Carobot is missing from the picture...)

With Alytron and Thar-2D2 back in 1st year! (Carobot is missing from the picture…)


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