Thursday Pick Me Up (Girls Edition): Leave Me Alone

I am PMSing so talk to the hand! There comes a time where once a month a girl becomes off-kilter. She may be grouchy, moody, or simply not herself because her hormones are out of whack. It’s a natural process in the circle of life and it ain’t always pretty! There are some things to mitigate the effects, but it won’t completely take away all the symptoms. People say that drinking tea is a great remedy to¬†alleviate some of the pain and there is truth to that. But it has to be the right tea. Not all teas will help relieve pain and moodiness, so try what works for you.

Recently I discovered a new brand of teas: Distinctly Tea. From the fun packaging to the fun names, I just had to try some. I picked up a rooibos blend called: Leave Me Alone. It is a PMS tea with a mix of chocolate and spices (perfect combo to help a lady through her PMS). After steeping it and getting a taste of it, I have been having a cup every night this week! It is so soothing and absolutely helps with the moodiness and food cravings. There is something about this tea that just puts me in a good place. Maybe it’s the light rooibos flavour mixed with the prominent of chocolate; or maybe it’s the mix of ten different spices, all I know, is that this tea is incredible and all ladies should give it try the next time they are PMS-ing. (Note to guys: you might want to have this tea readily available for your girl, you never know when it might come in handy.)

All in all, I am addicted to this tea. The fact that it is a light rooibos, makes it a tea perfectly acceptable in the summer heat. So make room in your tea cupboard for some incredible tea, the perfect remedy for any girl.

Perfect Remedy.

Perfect Remedy.


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