Walking the Stage: Take 2

Dear UofT,

Thank you for the lovely past four years. Thank you for gathering a group of intellects all in one place so we can learn about the WORLD. Thank you for giving me a space where I could learn about myself. Thank you for making RSM220 so darn difficult (for me) I did not go down the path of a CA/CPA (hooray for the rest of you who did because I would have DIED.) Thank you for being in the heart of Toronto so I could do things, like attend the ballet, the theatre, sip tea and eat great food.

Thank you for showing me tough love, because it made me mature that much faster. Thank you for being a campus that spans three major streets so I could get my daily exercise just by walking to class. Thank you for have 50 different levels of bureaucracy (that to this day I still cannot discern), so that I learned patience and punctuality. Thank you for the horrible exams because now I know I truly did graduate from the best in the country. Thank you for giving me an honours degree (because unlike the rest of the country, we had no choice).

Thank you for the network I built using your name. Thank you for giving me some of the best dons ever to make my living situation awesome. Thank you for giving me a group of girls to care for. Thank you for allowing a group of students to share the love of God so that I can know Him too. Most of all, thank you for the wonderful friends you have given me. These people will be my friends forevermore, no matter what we do, where we go, and how far we drift apart, because of you, we will always be friends because we shared four years of our lives together.

While I am sad to go (and I have had countless sleepless nights over this, this semester alone), I am also happy that we will be separated. It is bittersweet, but I am jumping with joy at the completion of a milestone in my journey. You will be missed, but half of me is glad I am done with you.

Thank you for spending 1461 days with me. I will never forget you; there may be times where I will want to crawl back to you, if only because I know what to expect from you, but I will try not to. You have given me independence after all. But not to worry, I will be working right around the corner, and will probably return for whatever these “Alumni” events are.

So here’s to the end of a wonderful relationship. It is time for me to move on.

Good Bye.

Velut arbor ævo.

Thank you for such a great time! It is time for me to go~

Thank you for such a great time! It is time for me to go~


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