The Last Song

Life is full of adventure. We fall in love, we fight, we love our families, we stick together, we fall apart, and we help each other back up. The Last Song (2010) was a movie based off of Nicholas Spark’s book with the same name starring Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Greg Kinnear. This story is about Ronnie, a music progidy, who falls apart after her parents’ divorce, losing all passion for the piano and becomes a cold standoff teenager just graduating high school. She and her younger brother Jonah are forced to spend the summer with her father in California. While Ronnie rolls her eyes at the situation, Jonah dives right into spending every moment with his father. The story moves along to Ronnie meeting the charming Will and beginning a relationship with him. Things do not start off easy for Ronnie and she struggles to find her place, but eventually she finds things to do and to occupy her in the sunshine state. But the good does not last long. After finding out her father is dying with cancer and pushing Will away, Ronnie completely breaks and is left, yet again, on her own with no way of running away from reality as it crashes into her. With an offer to pursue studies at Juilliard, where her father used to teach, she chooses instead to remain in California with her father and take care of him in his dying months. After her father passes, she is able to rekindle her relationship with Will, they move past their mistakes and go to New York together to pursue their studies.

Nicholas Spark is an author of many romantic tragedies. His books are popular and always tell of a great story. As the screenwriter for this movie, he was able to translate the emotions from the books to the scripts and Miley Cyrus did a great job of playing Ronnie. The story always tugs at the heartstrings, but I still loved every moment of it. I cried when they cried, and laughed when they were silly. Behind the story and the movie, I believe Spark touches something deeper that is inside of us. While the book and movie are more dramatic than reality, underneath it all, I believe the message is very simple: love your family and fall in love.

Love your family. People have always said that human life is short, and can be gone in a blink of an eye. It is a statement hard to believe. We see our parents, strong, always doing what they believe is right for us. However, that protectiveness sometimes that translates into hiding what they think might hurt us. And when they don’t have the strength to hold it back anymore, it becomes very easy for us to want to hate them. Ronnie goes through this in two stages, first in her parents’ divorce, then again when she finds out her father is dying. While Ronnie is hurting, by the end of the summer, she learns what is important and treasures every moment new she has with her father. Inevitably, her father dies, yet she is able to create music again for herself and is able to move forward with her life and relationship because she has been able to heal, putting her anger and frustrations aside for love. Family is important to each and everyone of us, whatever our families may look like, they are there to love, encourage, push and support each other.

Fall in love. Something we all wish for is to look for our other half. We often refer to our other half as our better half. Because that is who they are to us. They love us, they see us for who we are. When we hate ourselves, they only see our true selves, the one that they fell in love with. They are our best friends, our confidants, our lovers who choose to love us, not out of obligation or familial ties. Ronnie and Will show that even though family circumstances or life in general may drive a wedge between us and our partner, with a little faith, trust, and lessening pride, anything can be overcome together.

The Last Song, while is not my favourite movie of all time, has a great story. It is perfect for those “chick-flick” days where we all need a little uplifting spirit to hold onto our family and partners a little clsoer. A must watch for fans of Safe Haven, The Notebook and Nicholas Sparks’ books; it is a great movie to make you feel human again.


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