Christmas Countdown: Thursday Pick Me Up – White Chocolate Frost

There’s less than one week left before Christmas! Running out of ideas for winter teas? Feeling like you need to try something new? Lot’s of people would lean toward the flavours of warm apple spices or spicy gingerbread, but some may overlook the minty zing of peppermint during the Christmas season. Davids Tea has come out with a genius blend in their winter collection called White Chocolate Frost.

This tea is straight from heaven, and has shot to my absolute favourite tea of all Christmas seasons. White Chocolate Frost actually reflects the holiday season and makes you think of snow, warmth, and pretty Christmas markets all in one sip. The primary flavours of this tea is white chocolate and peppermint. I could not have asked for a better flavour combination than this (well…maybe if they threw in raspberries, it would make me the happiest girl on earth!) Peppermint in the tea adds a touch of freshness to the cuppa. But they threw in a surprise ingredient to really make the peppermint flavour shine through – pink peppercorn! It was a surprise to me when I found them in the tea blend. The peppercorns add a bit of kick enhancing the peppermint flavour allowing the tea drinker to enjoy the crisp winter air without actually having to step outside in subzero degree weather. The white chocolate pieces sweetens the tea to balance out the sharp kick of minty goodness. My only wish is that there were more white chocolate pieces, but a quite remedy is to add your own white chocolate chips or shavings.

This delicious blend of frosty sweetness is the perfect addition to any tea lover's cupboard.

This delicious blend of frosty sweetness is the perfect addition to any tea lover’s cupboard.

Ultimately, White Chocolate Frost makes it to my tea list of 2013 and is a must have for all tea lovers this Christmas season. If you know someone who loves tea (and doesn’t mind peppermint), this is the perfect tea to gift to them or stuff in their stockings.


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