Christmas Countdown: The Tea Place

Christmas is so busy a season that between the hustle and bustle of things, it seems impossible to catch your breath. For myself, December has certainly been an interestingly busy month, from work, work, more work and the occasional evening or weekend where I am out of the house meeting and eating with friends. (We haven’t even put up the Christmas tree yet, things have been so hectic!)

Today, my forever foodie buddy, @_CrystalChin and I decided for some foodie time away from our families and the busyness that is the holiday season. I cannot think of a better way to catch my breath than to meet up with a friend, have pizza, then blog together in a tea shop. (And yes, this blog post will be completed and posted before I leave my seat this afternoon.) Our afternoon started with some delicious food from Famoso, then washed down with some tea from The Tea Place.

Famoso was founded in my home city of Edmonton with the goal of bringing authentic tasting Neapolitan pizza to this growing city. And yum! @_CrystalChin and I frequent Famoso quite often with no reservations on what we try out and order. Today, we indulged in their Proscuitto Wrapped Mozzarella Balls, Castato Pizza and a Pistachio Pesto Pizza. Absolutely a rainbow of flavours to colour the palate with all shades of deliciousness. 

Following our flavourful late lunch at Famoso (North Edmonton Common location), we hopped next door to The Tea Place. A quaint tea shop with a variety of drinks and food, good seating, and wi-fi for anyone who needs internet access. I love coming to this place as there is always enough comfortable seating and endless flavours of tea to try, as well as a bunch of must have tea accessories. Today I indulged with a pot of Ice Wine-White Tea, while Crystal enjoyed a cuppa of Brandied Apple. Both delicious flavours that do not overwhelm the senses. The suttleness in flavouring is what makes coming here the perfect way to unwind and enjoy time for myself with my foodie buddy, @_CrystalChin.


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