2014, The Year That Will Be

Today marks the first day of 2014. As reviewed yesterday, there were lots of blessings in 2013 and am looking forward to what 2014 will bring. This is my yearly new years resolution/goal list. I don’t always follow through, but I may have a solution this year, to do a quarterly check in to keep on track with my goals.

  1. Grow my relationship with God. This is the most important relationship in my life ever. 
  2. Start a sewing project. One of the most relaxing things in life is to hear the whirring of a sewing machine in motion to create something from scratch.
  3. Explore 12 new tea shops. Tea has become so part of my life that sometimes I don’t make a conscious effort to write stories about it any more. For 2014, I think a tea adventure is warranted every month.
  4. Learn German. Just because I can.
  5. Learn basic photography. I bought a new camera during Black Friday and intend to use it. Properly.

Are there things you want to achieve this upcoming year? 


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