The Tea Girl: A Brief Introduction

What better way to spend New Year’s Day than in a tea shop chatting up a storm with @_CrystalChin? I certainly cannot imagine starting the new year better than with some tea and my best foodie buddy. Since we are now living in different cities, our foodie time spent together has been significantly reduced and so having a dedicated tea day was the best way to kick-start the new year.

Steeps is one of Edmonton’s first loose leaf tea shops and has been around for as long as I can remember. Recently it has gone over a change in identity and is now known as The Tea Girl. Quite fitting for me. Situated in the ‘cute’ part of downtown Edmonton, there are also a lot of other boutique shops surrounding the tea shop.

The Tea Girl is a relaxing, cozy tea shop with a lot of vintage chairs and endless shelves of tea. This is every tea lover’s heaven and a must stop shop for everyone stopping in Edmonton.

The service and atmosphere is so comforting that sitting and chatting is all you need to do at The Tea Girl. @_CrystalChin and I tried a pot each of their Organic Red Rooibos and their Icewine tea. Both were absolutely delightful and paired perfectly with our chilly Edmonton afternoon. Having tea at The Tea Girl also means you get to pick your own china cup adding to the tea experience. Before that though, we tried their unique blend of the Yegnog- a Christmas special eggnog tea that lived up to it’s name. The hint of cinnamon also added a hint of surprise to the cuppa.

All in all, this will be a tea shop I will be returning to as frequently as I can. 


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