Travel Bug: Toronto Day 4

Can returning to a place that feels like home really be considered traveling? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Coming back to Toronto is like reuniting with an old friend. It is returning to the place where I feel most like myself and the most at home. These six months away have definitely been an adjustment. I am majorly blessed and grateful for my job in Edmonton, for the new friends and new memories, but sometimes you just need to be in a place that is true to your heart. Since landing Thursday afternoon, I have been on the go visiting friends and family, creating more new memories and catching up with life.

Toronto has not changed as a city, for that I am grateful. There are the typical addition of shops and stores, but it is still the fast-paced and busy city I remembered it as. I am so comfortable here, I have just realized how deep the influence of studying in the city has affected me. The TTC is still frustrating, the people still busy, and city still noisy and exciting as ever and all this makes Toronto, Toronto.

There isn’t too much to write about, but after landing at Pearson Airport, I immediately got ready for a night out in town. I went to First Thursdays at the AGO and it was a fabulous event. What made it extra special was accessing the Guggenheim special exhibit on right now. I am not a major art fan, but I can sure appreciate it. I also think I found a favourite artist in Delauney. It was natural to just gravitate towards his paintings. Beyond the exhibit, the AGO has rooms upon rooms of paintings and art. There were also a lot of fun art activities as well as music from special guests x and y. The food selection was also fantastic. There was a cash bar, and h’ors d’ouerves to top it off! Just a fun night with friends.

Following a crazy fun Thursday, Friday was an epic day of running around the downtown core meeting friends and catching up. Again, Toronto hasn’t changed too much but there is something about this smoggy city that I just can’t seem to get enough….

Anyways, weekend was just crazy fun family time with a touch of major drama, but it was all good in the end! Can’t wait to see what else will happen during my short time back in the city!


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