Travel Bug: Toronto Day 5

Being able to return to the city is such a joy. The smell of smog and trekking through slush may not be the most pleasant but it is what makes Toronto Toronto. Day 5 in the city was another whirlwind of activities. I got to check out some food cafés around the University of Toronto, try out my very first Paint Nite, then indulged at momofuku restaurant to wrap up the night.

My day started out by cheering on Canada’s Charles Hamelin to Gold in Men’s 1500m Short Track Speed Skating. He won Canada’s second gold at the Sochi Olympics, and the big celebration was recreating the lovely kiss moment with fellow Olympian and girlfriend Marie St-Gelais. What a pumped up way to start off the morning. Traveling to Starbucks to work on my blog was also a really great way to just destress and enjoy my vacation.

Lunch was an interesting affair as well. It felt amazing to be able to sit down with @MsRachelTeoh chattering away during lunch. The Exchange Cafe is Rotman’s cafe housing affordable and delicious food. Yesterday I gave a go at their Curry Chicken Poutine and it was worth the $5! The fries were so fresh and crispy, not drenched in oil, and the curry was not too spicy but still filled with flavour. An absolute delight for those wanting to try something other than the typical gravy and cheese curd poutine.

In the afternoon, I met up with @katherinepedia and @smurphy at Victoria College’s new cafe Neds. This new cafe is part of the new Goldring Centre and showcases the best of Vic. There is a selection of typical cafe foods, from sandwiches, to soup, to sushi and daily hot lunch specials. A great place to grab a quick bite if you’re on the run or just to hang out if you need some downtime.

Baldwin Street is one of the little gems of Toronto just south of the university campus filled with foods from Korea, Japan, Italy, China, little cafés and boutique restaurants where you could spend the whole week eating and still not have enough room in your stomach for all the delicious goodness. @_CrystalChin and I tried out Bicerin coffee house. This little charming place has the standard coffee and tea drinks, but their desserts are what set them apart from other coffee houses. I had the New York Cheesecake, and boy it was like a regular New York Cheesecake all of a sudden started dressing up at Saks on Fifth. The cheesecake was so decadent, covered AND filled with caramel, with chocolate bits to top it off, yet it was not overly sweet or too heavy, it was perfect. @_CrystalChin indulged in the Tiramisu which was also unique in its own way. It had a light touch of eggnog flavouring, so creamy yet so fluffy and light as well. The atmosphere is pretty chill, it is a fairly quiet place, most people going to study or do some work, so if you’re looking for a quiet thinking place, this is definitely one to check out.

Night time was a blast. I went to my very first Paint Nite event and boy I cannot wait for my next one! This incredible event is happening all over the world. Originally started by a pair of university guys in Boston looking to meet women, it has developed so much more to become a great place to hang out with friends, date night and to learn how to paint! Everyone paints the same painting, but an instructor will lead the participants to create their own masterpieces. Super simple and lots of fun, I highly recommend going to a Paint Nite! One thing Paint Nite shows is that everyone is able to create a beautiful piece of artwork. Ranging from Easy Beginners Level to Challenging, there are a range of paintings for everyone. A fun night out to try out a new restaurant or pub and a fun night out with friends, at the end of it, you have a piece of artwork to display proudly.

The night did not end there! After Paint Nite, I was off to momofuku right before closing for a late night dinner. One of the ultimate culinary experience for people visiting or living in Toronto. A popular place for movie stars when they visit, momofuku takes Japanese cuisine to a whole other level. There is a limited menu, but with more than enough that not even four people could finish every single order. It was fabulous and I would love to go back again. The atmosphere is fantastic, very chic and trendy and reflective of the restaurant. There are only four momofuku restaurants in the world and is another highlight of Toronto.

Monday was adventurous, Tuesday may just be a quiet shopping day.


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