Travel Bug: Toronto Day 6

Day 6 in Toronto was another day of meeting people after catching up on my Olympic news! Canada won two medals in the morning, a gold and bronze from Women’s Ski Slopestyle, the very first in Olympic history. Another wonderful Canadian moment, Canada is starting off well at the Sochi Olympics let’s see more medals!

The morning was spent blogging. It is so hard to find the time energy and topic to blog about. I don’t have a glamorous job, I’m not a fashion editor, I just love my tea. So having the time to blog about my short travels is a fantastic feeling. After blogging, I got to meet up with my mentor Sam who was my ex-boss. Such an amazing and motivating lady, it is always a joy to talk to her. I highly recommend finding yourself a mentor. They are some of the most important people you will meet in your life, they play multiple roles from advocate, friend, parent figure, to teacher figure etc. They also have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can learn from. And so lunch with Sam in The Annex was just a fun afternoon of catching up and reconnecting.

The Annex area in Toronto is a great place for food and boutique shopping. There are at least ten restaurants on each block with book stores, tea shops, gifts shops, candy shops in between. For lunch I went to a popular student hangout called Futures. It has an amazing all day breakfast selection with a great entree selection. But what you really want are the cakes. They have over twenty cakes every day, each slice enough to share between two people. My favourite ones are any of the cakes with raspberry. To be honest all their cakes are fantastic.

After lunch and an intense conversation about the future with Sam, we hopped on over to DavidsTea to pick cup a warm cuppa on the go. DavidsTea also just came out with their tea chocolate! I bought the Cream of Early Gray and Matcha flavoured chocolates. More on that once I get a chance to taste some.

Overall it was a quiet day. And after working non stop for five months with the government, it was a nice reprieve. Sometimes, a work place can be so dull that life is draining because there is no motivation to do anything else. This past week in Toronto has already helped me in that sense. I will have a side job with Paint Nite once I get back to Edmonton, and I’ve already blogged three times since coming back to Toronto! Sometimes a change in perspective is all we need in order to put life right again. One of my biggest fears moving back to Edmonton was getting into a comfortable rhythm and getting lazy because home is slow paced and very relaxed, and sometimes rest times can be a little ridiculous. Sometimes when people around you are comfortable and passive, ambitions can seem like an exaggeration or overcompensation for something, when really, some people just really want to create and do things. At least with Paint Nite on the side, it will mix up life a bit.

I only have one and a half days left in Toronto, and I will be very sad when I leave, but I am also incredibly blessed I met so many great people here in the last four years that I want to come back to visit them and still keep in touch.


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