Travel Bug: Hong Kong Day 1

Fourteen hours on a plane is gruelling for anyone, and so I do not blame the baby that started to cry towards the last two hours of our 14 hour flight to Hong Kong, to be honest I was close to that point too.

But we made it alive! The weather was lovely, a bit of sun and a high of 28! It was crazy going from snowy Edmonton to humid Hong Kong.

After checking in to the hotel, my mom and I went to a ‘Dai Pai Dong’ (any fast food noodle house) for dinner. It was simple, filling and satisfying after a full day of airplane food (yuck). We then spent the next two hours walking around a popular tourist and shopping area–Tsim Sha Tsui (also known as TST). There are so many of the same shops, yet they all sell something different. There are about 2 McDonalds, 10 7-elevens, 2 Turkish restaurants, 5 German pubs, more Chow Dai Fook (a jewellery chain store) than Starbucks and Tims combined in a Toronto area! There are also a lot of designer stores, convenience stores, jewellery shops, herbal shops and cafes. My new favourite store is Agnes B. Their selection of handbags is perfect for professionals, combining the ergonomic design of a well constructed handbag with amazing colours to add a pop to your outfit.

Tomorrow is going to be another adventurous day and I can’t wait to explore the city more. People don’t sleep here, it’s a weeknight and people are out and about enjoying life.



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