Travel Bug: Hong Kong Day 4

After a night of fun partying, it was another power day of activities. The day started off 5AM in the morning as my mom, aunt and I could not sleep in at all even though we were exhausted.

Breakfast was at a popular Chinese restaurant chain: Café de Coral. They serve typical westernized Hong Kong style food. They had eggs and sausage meat, but also had congee, macaroni, fillet, oatmeal and any combinations of the food. It was a great way to start the day which kept us going until our sushi lunch.

We spent the morning wandering around Harbor City again just taking a nice stroll window shopping and chatting. It was quite humid and so it was lovely having a slow day. Shortly after, we went to iSQUARE for our sushi lunch reservation. iSQUARE is a popular mall in TST with shopping and dining for everyone who wants to treat themselves and splurge a little. We had sushi at IHEI Japanese Dining on the 28th floor of iSQUARE. The dining room had a gorgeous view of  Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong Island skyline. Lunch was absolutely divine. I ordered a sashimi combo meal, it had some of the most delicious fish ever. A new experience for me was eating raw shrimp and sea urchin. It took a little getting used to, I can confidently say it is not my favourite but it was good and I will definitely have it again. For those who just want a taste of a lot of delicious Japanese food, I would recommend the “Lady Set” which consists of a small portion of chirashi rice, tempura, baked oyster, and different salads.

The afternoon was spent getting ready for another cousin’s wedding. The reception was at The Mandarin, a five star hotel on Hong Kong Island. Another great dinner and a lot of family time. The night ended with a hail storm followed by a thunderstorm. Luckily, we were able to hitch a ride back with a cousin back to the Kowloon side.

Let’s hope no more crazy weather!



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