Travel Bug: Hong Kong Day 6

Happy April Fool’s Day! Because I’m not very good with this, this is definitely not a joke post. No. Really. It’s not.

Once it starts pouring in Hong Kong, it doesn’t stop. Today was another day of on and off rain. Luckily we were not caught up in the rain, however, that meant our tourist activities got cut to ZERO. I really hope the rain lets up so we are able to check out some more cool places. So instead of hiking and sightseeing, I took my first ride on the mass transit (subway)! It was crazy but fairly simple to navigate once you know where you’re going to and once you understand how to actually enter and exit a station. In order to ride on the mass transit, you first scan your “octopus” card at the gate. This will allow you entrance onto the subway. However, in order to exit the station, you have to scan your octopus to exit. Weird? I thought so too, but they do have a valid reason for doing this. each station and each line you travel costs a different amount. When you travel underground beneath Victoria Bay to the opposite sides of the island, it will cost more than if you ride from station to station on each line. The farther you go, the more expensive it is. So make sure you know where you are headed!

We went to a couple places for shopping today. There is a huge department store called Sogo. It carries EVERYTHING, pretty much that you would need in your house–designer clothing, stationary, children’s clothes, household appliances etc. About a block away, Hong Kong has their own (kind of) Times Square (not Time Square). This EIGHT story mall is one of the largest I have ever seen and pretty much only carries designer brands. It is even prestigious enough to carry the famous macaron shop Laduree. After searching for my Nike Studio Wrap Pack all over Hong Kong we finally found a pair in my size, in good condition and on sale at a mall complex called Parklane in TST. It was a crazy day of shopping today! Hopefully tomorrow we will have good weather to do more sightseeing!


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