Travel Bug: Hong Kong Day 7

The first week of my vacation is over! There is only another week and a bit left and I don’t really want it to end. Today was another rainy day but we got lucky and did not get caught out in the rain. We were finally able to do something other than shopping! We took the Star Ferry from Kowloon across Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong Island. The port at Hong Kong Island is like the Bay Street or Wall Street of Hong Kong, except about 100 times larger and way more diverse in the people who work in Hong Kong. The International finance Centre (IFC) is the main business building, it’s one of the largest and hundreds of companies operate from IFC. walking past the business part of IFC triggered something in me, it made me realize how much I love the business world and how much I would want to work in a large company. Essentially if you work for an international corporation and get slated to go to the Hong Kong office, your prospects are pretty awesome. Not saying I want to necessarily work in Hong Kong, but I do want to make my way back to the business industry, I think it’s where I belong….

Anyhow, I digress. IFC is not only a business building, but is also a commercial shopping centre. They have every designer imaginable (like every other large Hong Kong Shopping Mall) and then some. It was quite nice to walk around as it wasn’t overly crowded, but was busy enough to keep you on your toes. Afterwards, we wandered around Zhong Wan (the central-ish part of Hong Kong Island) and decided to take the number 15 bus up to The Peak. Yes, in capitals. The Peak is one of the highest points of Hong Kong and provides for a breath-taking vies of Hong Kong and surrounding islands. Up on the mountains, everything is lush and green, and on a misty-foggy day like today, it was quite peaceful to walk around the mountain side. Beyond just having a great view, there are a lot of things to do at The Peak–it can definitely be made to a day trip outing; there are plenty of shops ranging from designer brands, to brands, to antique stores, souvenir stores to cafes and restaurants, there is even a Madame Tussauds, there are no lack of activities to do on The Peak. 

To end off a fabulous day of not shopping as much, we checked out Lan Kwai Fong, the “Canada Town” of Hong Kong. I’m a little sketchy on the details, but the modern day area was revamped by a Canadian! Whoohoo, evident by the presence of The Keg and Molson Canadian. Anywho, Lan Kwai Fong way back when used to be a Red Light District kind of area, but it got revamped with a Disco which became the most profitable in Hong Kong. Now there are various pubs and clubs in the small area, but also some neat boutique stores. It’s where Canadians like to congregate to celebrate Canada Day as well.

Today was a fun day traveling and seeing a lot of Hong Kong, tomorrow morning we rise early to head to Korea!


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