Travel Bug: Seoul Day 8

What a day of traveling! I felt all I did today was sit on a vehicle being transported place to place. But after 12 hours ( 3 hours on a plane, the rest was waiting, car rides, bus rides….) we finally arrived in Seoul! It’s a lot chillier here than in Hong Kong for sure, but no big deal, there’s no snow.

We arrived in the Myeong Dong area of Seoul. It’s a touristy area with lots to buy and lots to see! The area is bustling with shops, stands and food stalls and is super crowded at night. These seemingly goes on and on forever. There is a never-ending amount of stuff in this block.

We had dinner at a popular chain Yoogane and it was absolutely delicious. We had the chicken bulgogi, but there are so much more to choose from on the menu. Essentially the food is raw and cooked in front of us on our table in a giant metal dish. Fresh food is always a good thing and it was piping hot, perfect for a long day of travelling.

Tourist attractions tomorrow and more shopping and food.






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