Travel Bug: Hong Kong Day 14

The last time I was at the magical kingdom was when I was six. Today, I had my second Disney adventure, this time at Hong Kong Disneyland! It was truly a magical day as I was brought back to my childhood memories. All those amazing songs and stories that even up until university, my roommates and I would refer to and reenact scenes from the Lion King.

Hong Kong Disney is one of the smaller of the Disney theme parks so makes for a wonderful day trip adventure with just enough magic (let’s be honest, there is never too much Disney magic).

There was so much to do I don’t even know where to begin! So let’s just say I sang to most the classic Disney tunes that were playing throughout the theme park and maybe even bouncing down the road. It was great to meet and take photos with iconic characters like Pooh and Donald Duck! It was amazing to see models of protagonists and how animators brought them to life. There were a couple of fun rides and shows. Our day ended at the Festival of Lion King show where they retold the story of Simba and even sang the Lion King songs. (There were also a lot of dancing and fire.)

It was a magical day filled with memories. Though looking at all the young children that were there, it saddens me that most of them do not know any of the stories of the Disney classics. They may know who the characters are, but not necessary the songs and stories. As a 90’s child raised in North America, my childhood was surrounded by Disney, all the other toys and games were based off those characters. I wish as the years go by, Disney will continue to re-re-re-release those great stories that taught us all to dream.











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